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DevOps Online Training

DEVOPS Training in Bangalore

Category: Software development

Course Details:

DevOps (development and operations) is an enterprise software development phrase used to mean a type of agile relationship between development and IT operations. The goal of DevOps Training in Marathahalli is to change and improve the relationship by advocating better communication and collaboration between these two business units.

In the enterprise there is a need to break down silos, where business units operate as individual entities within the enterprise where management, processes and information are guarded. On the software development side — and for those working in IT operations — there needs to be better communication and collaboration to best serve the IT business needs of the organization.

Best DevOps Online Training in Bangalore is not based on stringent methodologies and processes: it is based on professional principles that help business units collaborate inside the enterprise and break down the traditional silos. The guiding principles of DevOps online training from india include culture, measurement, automation and sharing.

Course Syllabus


A better quality of life. Developers working in DevOps-mode receive fewer calls in the middle of the night to resolve production issues. That's because they see issues before they become catastrophic problems due to an orientation of proactive monitoring rather than reactive alerts..

Pride of ownership. In a traditional software process, once software is developed, it's "thrown over the wall" to QA, which later throws it over another wall to production — so what the end-user ultimately sees might be quite different from what the developer wrote. But under the DevOps Course in Bangalore model, what you write goes live because you continue to have visibility and access to the code even after it goes to QA and production. In other words, developers own the delivery of the code from creation to implementation

Entair Course Syllabus:

In summary, the mandate in IDEA to provide textbooks and related core instructional materials in specialized formats only applies to materials which have a print-based source.

  • 1.Infrastructure Setup
    • Installation of – CVS & Git
    • Jenkins, Ansible, Docker
    • Nagios, Maven, Database
  • 2.DevOps Foundation
    • Career Scope for DevOps professionals
    • Desired Skillset of a DevOps Engineer
    • Continuous Depvery & Deployments
    • Configuration Management & Monitoring
    • Advantages of DevOps
  • 3.Source Code Management System ( GIT)
    • Git with Bit Bucket
    • Managing Branches & Branching Strategies
    • Git as SCM, Git Command pne
    • Git setup with CI tool Jenkins, SVN, CVS
    • Merging Strategies
    • Git Tags Git Stash, Rebase, Reset, Revert Checkout.
  • 4.Automating Build and Test
    • Introduction to build tools.
    • Maven Repositories.
    • Automating Builds with Maven and Ant.
    • Building Depvery Pipepne in Jenkins (CI/CD).
    • Test Automation, Security, Notification System in Jenkins
  • 5.Continuous Integration (CI)
    • Jenkins Installation & Configuration.
    • Managing Users Permissions<./li>
    • Frequent merge of code to a shared repository.
    • Automated builds and tests are run using Jenkins.
  • 6.Docker Container & Kubernetes
    • Introduction to Dockers
    • Understanding the concept of containers
    • How containers differ from Virtual Machines.
    • Dockerizing Apppcations using Docker Instructions.
    • Basics of Dockers, how to create and run a Docker Image, distributing Image
    • How to create a Docker Registry
    • scripts composition and Remote Docker Image
    • creating a Kubernetes cluster
    • creating YAML with Kubernetes deployment
    • Kubernetes rolpng updates, using an app with the dashboard.

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bala sri lakshmi Vaddi

7 months ago

The best training institute in banglore I took devops training here they are providing real time scenarios and I got good handson experience.Thankyou


Viruvuri Masthan

10 months ago

Got trained on devops and placed in MNC. Thank you for the trainers and management. Best training center for any job seeker. Thanks

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