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data science

Data Science Training in Bangalore

Category: Software development

Course Details:

The " Data science Online Training in Bangalore" has become one of the disciplines with the highest growth in enterprises and research institutions due to the versatility of solutions that can be offered in different industries. Many times without the user being aware, large amounts of data are processed to recommend a movie, predict the price of a flight or classify a purchase as fraudulent or legitimate.

However, the process of analyzing data is expensive, complicated and imperfect, since Best data science Course in Bangalore involves many different disciplines , in addition, there is no recipe for the "perfect model". Unlike software development, which is clear about the final result, an analytical process can yield unexpected results and sometimes a viable solution is not reached. Data science is an inaccurate science.

The field of Data science Online Course in India employs mathematics, statistics and computer disciplines, and incorporates techniques such as machine learning, cluster analysis, data extraction and visualization.

Course Syllabus


A series of techniques, algorithms, etc. are applied to these data. who try to solve the case.Here tools such as Python, R, SAS, etc. are used.

The Data Scientist Certification Training in Bangalore should obtain data from the origin that was in order to solve that question.Here, structured data comes into play (eg, databases such as SQL), unstructured (eg, images, audios) and semi-structured data (eg, texts with a certain structure).In companies that are just beginning, only structured data is used and accessed by a typical query language such as SQL.

Entair Course Syllabus:

In summary, the mandate in IDEA to provide textbooks and related core instructional materials in specialized formats only applies to materials which have a print-based source.

  • Introduction to R
    • Overview of R, R data types and object
    • Reading and writing data
    • control structures, functions, scoping rules
  • Introduction to Python
    • Use of Python in Data Science
    • Where to use python in real time
    • Python Environment setup, operators
  • Making Decisions & Loop Control
    • Simple if Statement, if-else Statement
    • if-elsif Statement.
    • Introduction To while Loops.
    • Introduction To for Loops, Using continue and break
    • Git Tags Git Stash, Rebase, Reset, Revert Checkout.
  • Python Data Types
    • Accessing Values.
    • Python Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries.
    • List, Tuples, Dictionaries.
    • Indexing, Slicing
    • Calling Functions
  • Python ML Packages
    • Numpy.
    • Scikit learn
    • Matplot lib.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Numerical Analylsis
    • Categorical Analysis
    • Visualizing Data: Box, Scatter, Bar & Histogram.
  • Linear Regression
    • Introduction to Linear Regression.
    • Introduction to Linear Regression
    • Disadvantage of Linear Models
    • Interpretation of Model Outputs
    • Understanding assumptions of linear regression
  • Descriptive Statistics
    • Describe or sumarise a set of data.
    • The mean,median,mode, Kurtosis and skewness.
    • Computing Standard deviation and Variance.
    • Covariance, Correlation and Causation
  • Logistic Regression
    • Introduction to Logistic Regression.– Why Logistic Regression.
    • Introduce the notion of classification..
    • Confusion Matrix, Odd’s Ratio And ROC Curve.
    • Advantages And Disadvantages of Logistic Regression.

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a year ago

“I have 20 yrs of exp i IT industry joined in huddle rise for data science training after attending demo's in almost 5 institutions in marathahalli . I am very much satisfied with training here.trainers very much knowledgble. I suggest this institution for all. Thanks“


mohan kokkula

4 months ago

“Best training institute for data science .Trainers are very experienced and provided quality training. Training case studies helped me to get placed. I suggest huddle rise for quality training.thanks to the management”


0 months ago

“Best Training Institute for Data Science & AEM in Bangalore, Well experienced professional trainers with friendly nature! Thank you Huddle Rise🙏🏻🤗”

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