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Introduction, variables and data types, arrays and string function, Statements, Oops concept,Exception Handling, Synchronization,Input and output, Multithreading, JSP


Introduction, Variable and Data Types, Conditional Statements, Looping, Control Statements, String Manipulation, Lists, Tuple, Dictionaries, Functions, Modules, Input-Output, Exception Handling

Web Development

Baisc web site Introduction, Elements, attributes, tags, Images, Tables, Lists, Media, Iframe, Achore Tags, Forms, Semantics,Migration, Real time Projects


Color, Backgrounds, Borders, Margins, Padding, Box Model, Height/width, Icons, Styles, Selectors, Media Query, Responsive, Navbar, Dropdown, Image Gallary, Website layouts, Themes


Introduction, Box Model, Tables, Images, Jumbotron, wells ,Alerts, Button Groups, Pagination, Dropdowns, Glyphicons, Badges, Progress Bars, Pagination, Pager, Navbars, Forms, Carosuel, Models, Tooltips, Templates & More..


How to Use Javascript, Basics of Javascript, Function , variables, Operators, Datatypes, Objects, Strings, Arrays, String Methonds, Number Methods, Math fucntions, RegExp &more..


Syntax, Selectors, Events, Hide Show Fade, Animate, Callback, Chaining, Get, Set, Add, Remove, CSS classes, Traversing, Ancestors, Descendants, silblings, Filters, AJAX Load Get post. & More..


Syntax, Use of JSON, Data types, Parse, Stringify, Objects, Arrays, PHP, HTML, JSONP &more..


Introduction, Installation, Syntax, variables, Printing, Datatypes, Strings, Constants, Operators, Arrays, Array Functions, Superglobals, Form Handling, Validations, URL/E-mail, Includes, FIle Handling &more..

Mysql(Data Base)

Intro, Syntax, CRUD, Operations, Select Distint, DDL, DML, Slelect Top, Count, Like,foregin Key, Primary key, wildcards, in, B/w, Joins, Unions, Group By, Mysqli Php connection, Mysqli php CRUD operations,


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Best Training i have ever seen

A call changed my career i was thought this program wont help me much i joined here forcely but traines here are really amazing they guide me in a correct way of getting a job Now i was working in paplework

Vijay K

Best Institute i have ever seen

Huddle Rise is best for freshers. After compliting of my Training here i got job offer with there client finally i was happy with frshers program.