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Course Details:

Java Online Training in Bangalore is a general-purpose, typed, object-oriented programming language .that allows development from basic applications, through business applications to mobile applications.

Java was born as a programming language that could be cross-platform and multi- device , under the paradigm "Write Once Run Anywhere" (WORA). In this way, a Best Java Online Training in India program written once can be run on different platforms, with Windows, MacOs and UNIX operating systems being supported. And in turn on different types of devices.

Object-oriented programming has three main features: objects, inheritance, and polymorphism. Objects have data (fields) and behavior (methods) and do the work in an object-oriented program.

Objects are created by classes. A class is the definition of the data (fields) and behavior (methods) for all objects of a type. Inheritance allows for cleaner code since a class can inherit fields and behavior from another class instead of copying code to many classes.

Polymorphism allows for specific behavior based on the run-time type. It also removes the need for conditional execution based on the type. This section will explain the ideas of inheritance and polymorphism in more depth.

Course Syllabus


Sun released the first public implementation as Java 1.0 in 1995. It promised to Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA), providing no-cost run-times on popular platforms.

On 13 November 2006, Sun released much of Java Training in Marathahalli as free and open source software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

On 8 May 2007, Sun finished the process, making all of Java core Online Course in Bangalore code free and open-source, aside from a small portion of code to which Sun did not hold the copyright.

Entair Course Syllabus:

In summary, the mandate in IDEA to provide textbooks and related core instructional materials in specialized formats only applies to materials which have a print-based source.

  • Introduction
    • Types of Programming language and Paradigms.
    • Comparison in Java with C and C++
    • Java’s Magic Byte code, JDK , JRE and JIT
  • Language Fundamentals or Grammar of Java
    • Installing Java in WINDOWS and LINUX.
    • Java Program Development in different environment.
    • Introduction to VI, notepad, edit plus editor and Net beans, Eclipse IDE.
    • Reference parameters, Output parameters.
  • Reserve / Keywords present in Java
    • Lexical Tokens, Identifiers
  • Primitive Data types and Block in java
    • int , char , float , double , Boolean , short , long , byte
    • Value type, Reference type..
    • Static block and Non-static block.
    • Communicate java application with other language using java native interface..
  • Java Operators
    • Arithmetic operators.
    • Relational operators
    • Logical operators.
    • Shift operators.
    • Assignment Operators
  • Wrapper Class
    • Integer,Character,Float
    • Double,Boolean,Short
    • Long, Type conversions
  • Decision making and branching PROGRAMMING WITH JAVA
    • If statement, If….Else statement and if….else ladder
    • Nested if,Multiple if
    • Switch... case statement
  • Decision making and looping
    • While,Do
    • For,For each
  • Object Oriented Programming
    • Class Fundamentals.
    • Life time of object & Garbage Collection.
    • Creating with Operating reference and Objects.
  • Extending Classes and Inheritance
    • Aggregation (HAS-A) and its uses.
    • Use and Benefits of Inheritance(IS-A) over aggregation in OOP.
    • Polymorphism in OOP.
    • Restriction in case of method overriding.

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